Welcome! I am a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Medical Physics and Acoustics at the University of Oldenburg. I study how people perceive and recognize musical sounds, parse and categorize complex musical scenes, and come to judgements about sound quality. I use methods from psychophysics, audio signal processing, and computational modeling.

Contact: kai.siedenburg … uni-oldenburg.de



  • [Feb 17 2017] Videos of the Berlin Interdisciplinary Workshop on Timbre are online!
  • [Jan 14, 2017] Hooray to Helmholtz! With my Montreal teachers Stephen McAdams and Bob Hasegawa in Berlin for the timbre workshop, we managed to take a snowy picture with sound color forefather Hermann von Helmholtz. Thanks for your inspiration, Helmi!


  • [Jan 12-13, 2017] The Berlin Interdisciplinary Workshop on Timbre was a great success! We had a broad spectrum of talks, tons of discussions, and lots of exchange. More reports soon. We will also upload most of the talks as a resource for the community.
  • [Nov 15, 2016] Announcing the BERLIN INTERDISCIPLINARY WORKSHOP ON TIMBRE, Jan 12-13, 2017 at the Musical Instrument Museum Berlin. We managed to gather a wonderful crowd of timbre geeks. Looking forward to a highly inspiring event!